MLS# Status City / Area Property Type Price
 3087725Active Bernardsville Boro Residential$12,885,000 
 3172213Active Harding Twp. Residential$10,875,000 
 3164532Active Hope Twp. Residential$3,500,000 
 3181128Active Mendham Boro Residential$3,199,000 
 3138686Active Tewksbury Twp. Residential$2,995,000 
 3162385Active Bedminster Twp. Residential$2,590,000 
 3179517Active Tewksbury Twp. Residential$2,400,000 
 3179709Active Lebanon Twp. Residential$2,195,000 
 3168505Active Montgomery Twp. Residential$1,995,000 
 3185706Active Morristown Town Residential$1,799,000 
 3169521Active Delaware Twp. Residential$1,750,000 
 3145988Active Delaware Twp. Residential$1,650,000 
 3163363Active Kingwood Twp. Residential$1,600,000 
 3177132Active Delaware Twp. Residential$1,500,000 
 3143426Active Delaware Twp. Residential$1,495,000 
 3179700Active Lebanon Twp. Residential$1,495,000 
 3141521Active Delaware Twp. Residential$1,480,000 
 3118892Active Tewksbury Twp. Residential$1,399,900 
 3182023Active Tewksbury Twp. Residential$1,325,000 
 3147126Active Tewksbury Twp. Residential$1,199,000 
 3143070Active Clinton Twp. Residential$1,149,000 
 3186191Active Morris Twp. Residential$1,095,000 
 3090663Active Morris Twp. Residential$995,000 
 3166704Active Kingwood Twp. Residential$799,999 
 3091738Active Frankford Twp. Residential$799,000 
 3185139Active Morris Twp. Residential$765,000 
 3186456Active Mountain Lakes Boro Residential$745,000 
 3186530Active Frelinghuysen Twp. Residential$699,000 
 3174693Active Bethlehem Twp. Residential$649,900 
 3142328Active Tewksbury Twp. Residential$625,000 
 3184749Active Long Hill Twp. Residential$585,000 
 3141549Active Union Twp. Residential$549,900 
 3082840Active Franklin Twp. Residential$495,000 
 3112374Active Chester Twp. Residential$475,000 
 3139957Active Tewksbury Twp. Residential$469,000 
 3173505Active Clinton Twp. Residential$449,900 
 3119063Active Kingwood Twp. Residential$399,900 
 3147739Active Boonton Town Residential$399,500 
 3106424Active Clinton Twp. Residential$399,000 
 3150159Active Clinton Twp. Residential$379,900 
 3148811Active Bethlehem Twp. Residential$349,900 

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